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HOW-TO: a behind-the-scenes guide: Directories

This guide contains further information on searching the TCU Library catalog, using media, and more, as an enhancement to L. Ruede's published research guides.

How to find directories in the library catalog

The TCU Library offers thousands of general and specialized directories (try an Advanced search for "Subject word" directories to get an idea). Add other "Words anywhere" terms as desired, for instance biography or education, to refine your search.  Since directories are usually most useful when they're recent, you may want to limit your search to a span of 5-10 years, e.g. 2000-2010.  

Gale Directory Library (database)

Gale Directory Library offers a large array of online directories such as Directories in Print, Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources, Gale Directory of Databases, and National Faculty Directory. Also contains Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media which provides information on media sources. Market Share Reporter is also included and contains statistics on market shares of various products/companies.