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Challenges of Global Food Production: Using this Guide

find research resources to help with your assignments in this class

How to Use this Guide

Use the tabs at the top of the page or the links below to navigate the guide.

For Writing Assignment #1, click the Historical Food Production & Distribution tab

For Writing Assignment #2, click the Current Food Production & Distribution tab

For the Case Study and the Group Project, you will be doing Country Research.  Check out any of the applicable country tabs.

I have broken country information into several categories. 

Country Economic Research (Profit) -- GDP,  exports, imports, top industries, etc.

Country Political Research (People) -- government functions & structure, history, political conditions, political risk, etc.

Country Cultural  Research (People) -- social norms, how to conduct business, holidays, customs, etc.

Country Ecological Research (Planet) -- climate effects, ecology, etc.


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