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Guide to Searching for Journal Articles or Books: Document Delivery

How to search for journal articles through the library site

How to find an article through Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a service the library has available to find a retrieve articles, usually within the same day, and provide them to TCU faculty, students and staff. 

This service comes at a cost, so if you can wait a few days to a week, we recommend that you request it through (ILL) Inter-Library Loan. 

If you find an article or book that you want to retrieve and it's not available through our library (see tab Article Searching) than you can go through our document delivery service with the journal title or book title (books are usually sold by the chapter, but occasionally you will find the whole title) to see if it is available there.

There are three services it might be available under for the Health Sciences: Science Direct, Clinical Key, Ingenta or Infotrieve

All three of these services can be found in our library Databases. Click on, select Databases, and then select on the A-Z list the appropriate letter to the Document Delivery Database to be searched. 

Please contact the librarian if this is overwhelming. She can run a search to see if it is available.  


Get It Now is more likely to have it than any other service, but it is only available if you submit a request through ILL.

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