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Archival Research: Diaries and Letters

This guide will help you in doing periodical and primary source research for both American and British assignments

Uses for Diaries and Letters

  • Diaries and letters provide a glimpse inside notable figures lives as well information on those that have held special places in society such as midwives, educators, and political activist.  These items are very important when looking at how historical events may have affected the daily lives of individuals.
  • Diaries and letters also revel the private thoughts and conversations of major literary, social, and political figures
  • Looking at specific authors works and unpublished papers can enhance literary criticism.

Diaries, Letters, and Narratives

Diaries and letters can serve as excellent primary sources, allowing researchers a personal glimpse into the lives of both well-know figures and common members in society.  Among scholars studying women, diaries and letters can be a crucial resource in uncovering the interpersonal and public persona of women. 

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