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Public Company Research: Basic Company Info

how to research various types of information about a public company

Firms Operating in Foreign Countries

Basics that make Company Research easier!

I use the database, Mergent Intellect, to find basic company information.

To make my research easier, I look for these specific pieces of information:

1. Is this a publicly traded company?   (easier to research than a private company)

2. Is this company a subsidiary?     (financial information is often reported under the parent company)

3. What is the company's ticker symbol?  (searching by ticker symbol is often more efficient & accurate)

4. In which industry does this company operate?    (knowing the industry helps to research competitors)

5. What is the NAICS code and SIC code for the industry?  (searching by a NAICS/SIC code is often more efficient & accurate)

Domestic Company Research

International Company Research

Company Search Tip

When possible, search by the company's ticker symbol.

It is often a quicker and more accurate way to find company information.

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