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Business Information Systems: Industry Research

a guide to INSC 20263 research project

Domestic Analyst's Reports

You can find reliable industry reports in several of the library's databases.  I'm listing these in my order of preference!

Click the info icon to get helpful hints for searching that particular database.

At the reference desk, we also have Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys (published every few other words, it is current)

Global Analyst's Reports

Industry reports with an international focus!  Again, click the info icon to get quick tips for searching that particular database.

Useful Websites

Hands On

1. In Business Source Complete, find an industry report.  Now try to find that same report using a 6 digit NAICS code.

2. In IBISWorld, look up the domestic and global reports for your industry.  See if you can answer these questions:

      What is the industry's life cycle?
      How is the industry segmented?
      Which company owns the most market share?
      How difficult is it to start a company in this industry (i.e., barriers to entry, threat of new entrants, etc.)