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Environmental Science: Environmental Science and Geology Theses

This guide shows online and print resources related to environmental science.

Geology and environmental science theses at TCU

This page includes a list of all known theses in geology and environmental science at TCU. The list is divided into three parts:

  1. Geology and environmental science theses online, 2005-present
  2. Geology and environmental science theses in print, 1960-2005
  3. Biology and geology theses in print, before 1960

Geology and environmental science theses online 2005-present

I will be updating this list once each summer.

Geology and environmental science theses in print format, 1960-2005

Alaniz, Roberto T. A study of recent sediments and the biofacies of Cayo del Grullo, Baffin Bay, Texas. 1974

Ammon, Walter Lamm. Geology and plate tectonic history of the Marfa Basin, Presidio County, Texas. 1977

Anderson, Mitchell Paul. Depositional sequences in the Wilcox Group in South Texas: application to exploration in a mature petroleum province. 1986

Aniello, Catherine A. Using Landsat TM thermal data to map micro-urban heat islands in Dallas, Texas. 1993

Argenbright, Kristi Ann. Comparison of Biosphere 2 thornscrub biome to the thornscrub and tropical deciduous forest of northwest Mexico. 2003

Arnold, Debra J. Bioassay by respiratory response. 1974

Ayan, Danielle McBride. The base of the Arbuckle Group, Southwestern Oklahoma. 1997

Bagley, Roy Louis,. The Boulder beds of the Marathon Formation, Marathon Basin, West Texas. 1972

Barr, Douglas Edward. Regional hydrogeochemical trends in ground waters of the lower Rio Grande Valley 208 Planning Area, Texas. 1977

Barry, Dereck Michael. Regional subsurface study of the Upper Wilcox in East Texas. 1979

Basham, Tamara Sue. Classification of vegetation associated with the black-tailed prairie dog habitats in the southern short-grass prairie of Texas. 2003

Bellamy, Justin Beau. A test case of the new stratigraphies using subsurface data, Wilcox Group (Paleogene), South Texas. 2001

Benedetti, Steven J. Paleozoic conodonts from the Placer de Guadalupe area, East-Central Chihuahua, Mexico. 1976

Benekas, Sandy L. Detection of "serpentine plugs" in South and Central Texas using Landsat (MSS) and magnetic data. 1986

Bittick, Susan May. Analysis of Landsat-5 spectral reflectance patterns to map source rock materials of the Rosillos Mountains bajada, Brewster County, Texas. 1995

Blake, Robert B. The petrology and geochemistry of the dolomite occurrences within the Newala Limestone, southwestern Shelby County, Alabama. 1996

Blanton, Carolyn Jo. The effect of selected factors on the recovery of divalent nickel using the APDC-MIBK extraction system. 1974

Breyer, Roxann Hunka. A groundwater model to facilitate dewatering of overburden at the Dolet Hills lignite mine, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. 2001

Brun, Franziska Elisabeth. Using a USLE based GIS for the development of an erosion sensitivity (ES) map for Tarrant County, Texas. 1995

Brush, Samuel Walker. Foraging activity and diet composition in some Kansas sand prairie birds. 1980

Bucheit, Andrea K. Two islands in the southern Oklahoma archipelago: a late Cambrian landscape. 1997

Bulling, Thomas Peter. Exploring for subtle traps with high resolution paleogeographic maps: the Reklaw 1 interval in South Texas. 1987

Butaud, Todd Wayne. Sedimentology, diagenesis and provenance of the Vanoss formation proximal to the Arbuckle Mountains. 1990

Cable, Louis Walter. A petrographic study of the Edwards limestone core from the Lone Star No. 1-A Tom Well, Atascosa County, Texas. 1961

Cahill, Cynthia Ann. Comparative efficiencies of trace metal extraction from municipal incinerator and lignite coal ashes. 1980

Callaway, Amy M. Cambro-Ordovician facies development on the Laurentian Craton: a comparison between northwest Scotland and southern Oklahoma. 2000

Carlton, Keith H. Depositional environment of the Rodessa Formation, West Central portion of Anderson County, Texas. 1981

Carter, Paul Henry, Jr. The microstructure and mineral composition of the shell of recent muricid gastropods. 1964

Champagne, Lawrence Francis. Comparison of the shallow water molluscan fauna inhabiting Thalassia-Goniolithon-Porites zones from Lime Key, Roatan, Honduras and Rodriguez Key, Florida. 1979

Collerain, Mildred DeNeice. Lithologic mapping of the Arbuckle Group Limestone in the Slick Hills of Southwestern Oklahoma utilizing remote sensing/geographic information systems. 1993

Conley, John Christopher. Effects of lead on nutrient removal by an ecological water treatment system. 1999

Coolidge, Jimmy Ray. Acute toxicity of diquat and paraquat to selected species of fish. 1977

Couch, Elton LeRoy. Description of some sand bodies and related strata of the Pennsylvanian Lazy Bend formation of Parker County, Texas. 1961

Council, Konrad Koert. The geology and petrography of Paisano Peak, Brewster County, Texas. 1972

Cox, Travis Glen. The study of cadmium, copper, lead, mercury and zinc in periphyton and water of Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida. 1998

Crittenden, Michael Lee. Evaluation of selected ion movement on the Chapman Ranch near Corpus Christi, Texas. 1986

Cunningham, Kenneth David. Petrology and petrography of Permian volcanogenic and carbonate rocks near Las Delicias, Coahuila, Mexico. 1975

Dahl, David Alvin. Petrology and geochemistry of the nepheline trachytes and phonolites in the Black Hills area, Brewster County, Trans-Pecos Texas. 1984

Dakshinamurthy, Lavanya. Quantifying the impact of impoundment on sediment transport in lower Trinity River, Texas. 2004

Daum, Keith A. The uptake and distribution of cesium-134 in Corbicula fluminea. 1978

De Wilde, Daniel Nicholas. Genetic and molecular analyses of UV radiation-induced mutations in Caenorhabditis elegans. 1992

DeCell, Susan M. Forest stand dynamics based on slope and aspect of an upland pine forest at Bastrop State Park, Bastrop, Texas. 1996

Dees, Deborah Ann. A study of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) anomalies and their relationship to subsurface structure and hydrocarbon production, Fisher County, Texas. 1987

Dennie, Devin Paul. Geology of quaternary deposits along Cottonwood Wash, southern Rosillos Mountains, near Big Bend National Park, Texas. 2001

Devery, Dora Maria. Morphologic changes in synthetic Mg-calcites. 1979

Devery, Justin V. Sedimentary petrology of the upper Paleozoic carbonates near Bavispe, Sonora, Mexico. 1979

Dirlam-Hendriks, Debra Ann. Multisensor remote sensing study of the Wichita Mountains and Slick Hills, Southwestern Oklahoma. 1990

Donaldson, Sara Elizabeth. Research for a case study on the effects of ecotourism in developing countries: a view of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, without rose-colored glasses. 2004

Donovan, Matthew Allan. Grain-size control on Landsat TM imagery of alluvial fans surrounding the Rosillos Mountains in southwest Texas. 2003

Drake, Steve Allen. A subsurface study of the upper part of the Hoxbar Group (Missourian-Virgilian series) of the Pennsylvanian system: Caddo and Grady Counties, Oklahoma. 1982

Edwards, Charles Michael. An evaluation of mark-recapture and electrofishing CPUE-based models as techniques to estimate densities of largemouth bass in ponds. 1996

El-Atrash, Mohamed Elmahdi. Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the Kincaid Formation (Paleocene) in Northeast Texas. 1971

Ellinghausen, Robert Henry. An atypical fusuline fauna from the Lenoxhills formation, Glass Mountains, Texas. 1962

Enis, Hunter. Relation of fragment orientation to jointing in the lower Weno formation, Carter Park, Fort Worth, Texas. 1963

Evans, Leslie Paul. Salinity tolerance of Corbicula fluminea and Polymesoda caroliniana. 1978

Fairbanks, Josh Richard. Structural geology of the Ringtop Field area, Eastern Slick Hills, southwest Oklahoma. 2000

Falzarano, Donna Mathis. Phosphate transactions in Amblema perplicata (Bivalvia: unionidae) using radioactive phosphorus (P33). 1974

Felch, Roger Neyhart. Three-dimensional gravity model of basin structure, Yucca Flat, Nevada. 1979

Flippin, Jerel Wayne. An evaluation of the stratigraphy, structure, and economic aspects of the Paleozoic strata in Erath County, north-central Texas. 1978

Fouch-Flores, Donna Lynn. Regional uranium resource evaluation using Landsat imagery and N.U.R.E. geochemical data, southern Trans-Pecos, Texas by Donna Lynn Fouch-Flores. 1982

Franchek, Richard J. An evaluation of the state soil geographic database (STATSGO) for use in the upper Trinity River basin. 1991

Frank, Kevin James. Diagenetic study of the Toroweap Formation (Permian), in Toroweap Valley, Arizona. 1983

Garcia, Jose Martin Montañez. Detecting vegetation changes over time and deforestation in a northeast portion of the Texas Piney Woods using GIS and remote sensing techniques. 2005

Gibson, Carlton, Jr. Stratigraphic and depostional studies of the Sand-Glen Rose limestone transition in Parker County, Texas. 1962

Gilliland, John Dale. A mineral and chemical analysis of the Duck Creek and Fort Worth formations, North Central Texas. 1960

Griffin, Andree French. Depositional and diagenetic history of the West Smyer field, Hockley County, Texas. 1988

Guckenberger, Kirk Randall. Gape-limited piscivory and its effects on prey fish assemblages. 1998

Haney, Bryon Mark. Analysis of erosion on a semi-urban watershed utilizing multi-temporal Landsat TM data with the Universal Soil Loss Equation in a Geographic Information System. 1996

Hargrove, Ulysses Shelby,. Geochronology, structure, and metamorphism of part of the Pan-African Zambezi orogenic belt, Mount Darwin area, northeast Zimbabwe. 1999

Harral, Frederick Sherrod,. Using remote sensing and a GIS to analyze spring and regional lineament correlation in the Chisos Mountains, Brewster County, Texas. 1998

Harvard, Paul Odom. Time-rock correlations and biofacies of the lower cretaceous "Edwards" limestone, South Central Texas. 1962

Hawkins, Connie M. Microfacies of the paleozoic rocks near Placer de Guadalupe, Chihuahua, Mexico. 1975

Hayes, Sharon Ann. Determination of non-point source pollution within a rural watershed utilizing Landsat TM and a GIS/USLE model. 1988

Henk, Floyd (Bo) H. Biostratigraphic study of the Boggy Shale Formation: Franks Graben, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma. 1981

Herndon, William Hyde. Structural analysis of lineaments in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma using Landsat and MSS data. 1986

Holcomb, Richard Alfred. Conodont biostratigraphy of Paleozoic carbonates near Bavispe, Sonoro, Mexico. 1979

Holland, Richard. Depositional environment of the Horquilla Limestone, Sierra de Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico. 1980

Horton, Franklin R. Pre-cretaceous structural history of J-M/Brown-Bassett Field Area Crockett, Terrell, Val Verde Counties, Texas. 1977

Ivey, Marvin Lee. The geologic history of the Swan Islands, Honduras. 1979

Ivy, David. The biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Permian strata exposed near Las Delicias, southwestern Coahuila, Mexico. 1975

Jackson, Dan Herman. Structure and petrography of the precambrian rocks of the Yearling Head mountain area, Southern Llano County, Texas. 1972

Jadeja, Mahipalsinh R. The development of a groundwater flow model for the trichloroethylene (TCE) contaminant plume at Air Force Plant 4 and Naval Air Station, Fort Worth, Texas. 1996

Jenkins, Dennis Dee. An exploration model for the Paradox Fold and Fault Belt, east central Utah. 1989

Johnson, J. Lorraine. Spatial and temporal variability in soil moisture content as a control on runoff generation in a hillslope hollow in Parker County, Texas. 2003

Johnson, Nancy Elizabeth Janda. Hydrogeologic characteristics of the Tully Spring in the western Slick Hills, Caddo County, Oklahoma. 2003

Jones, Jon Raymond. An experimental investigation of the basking behavior and physiology of the Malagasy panther chameleon, Chamaeleo pardalis. 1995

Jones, Steven Matthew. Effects of paint marking on the mortality rate of Sceloporus undulatus. 1978

Jurgensen, Timothy A. Effects of short-term atrazine exposure on attached algal communities in a small stream. 1986

Jusczuk, Steven John. The structural geology of an unnamed hill south of Bally Mountain, Western Slick Hills, Southwest Oklahoma. 1994

Kelly, Lucille Mainland. Effect of marl encrustation on ash and trace metal content of selected vascular hydrophytes. 1978

Kirkland, Rodney. Spot data mapping of lineaments and spring analysis in the Rosillos Mountains, Brewster County, Texas. 1997

Knapp, Kevin Richard. Using remote sensing and a geographic information system to determine groundwater movement within a portion of the Slick Hills, Oklahoma. 1995

Knights, William Jay. A subsurface study of the Strawn and Atokan series of the Pennsylvanian System, Southwest Jack County, Texas. 1984

Koesters, Donna Baird. Structural and hydrocarbon analysis of the Central Cascade Range, Washington. 1984

Koroma, Alie Patrick. Wetlands and urbanization: a case study of the Lodes Marsh, Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 2001

Krueger, Heidi Renee. Using an SCS Curve Number-based GIS for the prediction of urban runoff. 1999

Kuehn, William Jackson. Geologic and petrographic studies of the Marble Canyon igneous complex, Culberson County, Texas. 1969

Kulow, Matthew John. Geology, petrology, age, and intrusive relations of Cretaceous plutons in the Donner Lake - Cisco Grove area, northern Sierra Nevada, California. 1996

Land, David M. Geologic prospecting in the Val Verde Basin by the integration of Landsat, magnetics, gravity, and subsurface geology. 1983

Lary, Brenda Brants. The ostracode fauna of the Pennsylvanian Wolf Mountain shale of the Possum Kingdom area, Palo Pinto County, Texas. 1965

Lázár, Attila Nándor. Storm based monitoring of pollutant fluxes on upper Sycamore Creek, Fort Worth, Texas. 1999

Lees, Michael A. Groundwater and surfacial water quality, and groundwater flow model of the Paluxy aquifer near a sanitary landfill. 1995

Lindquist, Tina Walburga. Provenance study of the Wall Creek Member of the Frontier Formation and the Turner Sandy Member of the Carlile. 1986

Logan, Homer H. Ground-water recharge project associated with a flood protection plan in Hudspeth County, Texas. 1984

Lowry, Scott A. Comparison of four treatment methods for the removal of lipids and food waste in a grease trap environment. 1994

Maerz, Richard H., Jr. Paleoecology of the Pooleville Member, Bromide Formation, (Middle Ordovician), Criner Hills, Oklahoma. 1972

Malek, Debra Jean. Alteration of alkalic igneous rocks in the Payne's Waterhole area, Brewster Co., Texas. 1986

Manka, Leroy Louis. A study of the sediments and depositional history of a portion of the delta of the Colorado River, Texas. 1970

Mariga, Jeffrey. Structural and geochronological evolution of deep-crustal granulites, supracrustal rocks, and deformed plutons in the Zambezi orogenic belt, Rusambo Mission area, northeastern Zimbabwe. 2000

Markochick, Dennis John. Environmental geologic derivative mapping in southwestern Tarrant County, Texas. 1978

Mathisen, Adryce Elizabeth. Geographic variation in tunnel depth of the plains pocket gopher Geomys bursarius. 1976

Matthews, Ross Butler. Aspects of stratigraphy, diagenesis, and potential reservoir characteristics of the Monterey Formation in the Point Arguello area, California. 1984

Mauch, Joseph J. Late Paleozoic tectono-sedimentary history of the Marfa Basin West Texas. 1982

May, A. Michele Basham. Comparing the utility of Landsat TM and SPOT XS data for mapping shrub and meadow communities in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California. 1994

McCall, Robert L. Structural geology of the Blue Creek Canyon fault zone, Slick Hills, Southwestern Oklahoma. 1994

McElmoyl, Courtney. Transgression and regression during the deposition of the Upper Cambrian Honey Creek Formation in the Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen. 1993

Mellor, Edgar I. Structural and petrographic study of Permian Age Rocks near Villa Aldama, Chihuahua, Mexico. 1978

Mielke, Kristin Lee. Paleovolcanology, petrology, stratigraphy, and structure of Jurassic and Cretaceous island-arc rocks in the Webber Peak and Meadow Lake areas, Nevada and Sierra Counties, Northern Sierra terrane, California. 1996

Mills, Stacy Nipper. A vegetation study characterizing and digitally recording the plant communities of Monahans Sandhills State Park, Texas. 2001

Mohorich, Leroy Martin. The urban geology of a portion of Tarrant County, Texas. 1971

Moore, Jarvis Earl,. Use of Space Shuttle photography to detect salt domes, Rio Grande Embayment, South Texas. 1997

Moore, William Sively de Gaspe. Trace metal concentrations in water and sediments of the Trinity River system, Tarrant County, Texas. 1971

Mummert, John Riley. Gill raker morphology and the filtering efficiency of the gizzard shad (Dorosoma cepedianum). 1983

Murray, Jill Kathleen. Geologic mapping of the southern flank of the Rosillos Laccolith, Brewster County, Texas. 1999

Musselman, Zachary Allen. Geomorphology of the Rosillos Mountains, Brewster County, Texas. 2001

Nalepa, Randolph. Use of computer enhanced Landsat imagery for geologic mapping of the Tascotal region, Trans-Pecos, Texas. 1981

Nash, Tamie Rene. Biotic and sedimentologic development of the Red Buoy Patch Reef, Discovery Bay, Jamaica. 1982

Neely, Laura Lea. Biostratigraphic study of the Horquilla Limestone, Big Hatchet Mountains, Hidalgo County, New Mexico. 1982

Ness, Deborah Lee. Depositional systems in the Dockum Group (Upper Triassic), Scurry and Mitchell Counties, Texas. 1988

Ng, David Tai Wai. A subsurface study of the Atoka (lower Pennsylvanian) clastics in portions of Jack, Palo Pinto, Parker and Wise Counties north central Texas. 1974

Nickerson, Barbara Mulligan. Lead concentrations in the liver of the cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus) at varying distances from the highway. 1982

Nolley, Janis Mergele. Geology and hydrocarbon production, Sweetwater Field, Fisher and Nolan Counties, Texas. 1987

Ohr, Viola Katalin Piroska. Total organic carbon analysis for the control of activated sludge volatile solids. 1978

Osterlund, David Paul. A subsurface study of the Mississippian Chappel limestone, Young County, Texas. 1984

Pancake, James A. Paleomagnetism and geochronology of Mesoproterozoic mafic and felsic sills in southeast Botswana. 2001

Parris, Thomas Martin. Petrologic and diagenetic patterns in the Kaibab Formation (Permian), Toroweap Valley, Arizona. 1984

Patterson, Casey D. Wireline logging measurements of total organic carbon using positron annihilation spectroscopy. 2003

Patterson, William Dean, II. Geology of Permian rocks near Ascencion, Northern Chihuahua, Mexico. 1978

Peden, Susan Pearce. Species composition and age structure of a bottomland hardwood forest stand at Caddo Lake State Park, Texas. 1995

Pendergrass, James M. Recent sediments and sedimentation of Laguna Salada, Baffin Bay, Texas. 1975

Pense, Glenn Martin. The volcanic stratigraphy of the Banco Bonito Vitrophyre: a petrochemical study of a rhyolite lava flow. 1977

Perkins, David Scott. Utilization of Landsat MSS and TM satellite imagery to assess impervious cover changes in Dallas and Tarrant counties. 1997

Perkins, Max A. The geology of the Jacksboro and Bartons Chapel quadrangles Jack County, Texas. 1964

Perkins, Richard Brent. Geostatistical modeling of stochastic seismic and vertical well attributes in Stratton Field, South Texas. 1997

Pershouse, Jonathan Ralph. Use of Landsat imagery for resource mapping in the Rim Rock region of West Texas. 1981

Philips, Christine Marie. Paleovolcanology of the A-type Carlton Rhyolite, Blue Creek Canyon Area, Wichita Mountains, Southern Oklahoma. 2002

Phillips, Kelly Mardell. An evaluation of Landsat TM data for land use identification and classification in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 1992

Phillipson, Sandin Edward. Petrology, age, and structural relations of the composite Middle Jurassic Haypress Creek pluton, Northern Sierra terrane, California. 1995

Phornprapha, Prasertchai. A high-resolution local sea-level curve from detailed mapping of the Wales sand interval (Wilcox Group, Paleogene), LaSalle and McMullen counties, South Texas. 1992

Plunk, Dorsey Earl, Jr. Use of satellite imagery to assess impervious cover and nonpoint pollutant loadings in an urban watershed. 1989

Raish, Henry Dean. Petrology of a limestone bank in the Winchell formation (Upper Pennsylvanian) of Wise County, Texas. 1964

Raschilla, Stephen Nicholas. Analysis of cleavage in the Dunlap Formation, Pilot Mountains, west central Nevada. 1980

Reilly, Maureen Brigid. Stratigraphy and petrography of the middle member of the Luning Formation, west central Nevada. 1979

Renner, Richard Eugene. A study of the deposition of the Glen Rose limestone in Parker County, Texas. 1961

Richards, Becky Johnson. Using geographic information systems to relate structural geology and precipitation to recharge of a karstic aquifer: Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. 1995

Roe, Glenn Dana. Mineralogy and some trace element studies of East Texas iron ores. 1961

Roman Lazo, Luis A. A subsurface study of rocks of the Morrow series of the Pennsylvanian system in Cimarron County, Oklahoma. 1973

Ross, Michael Lee. Petrology and geochemistry of alkalic rocks from the Sawmill Mountain area, Brewster County, Texas: evidence for multiple source regions. 1987

Rothammer, Christine M. Detailed shoreline monitoring, grain size and total carbon analysis of three beach sections before and after Hurricane Alicia, Galveston Island, Texas 1983. 1986

Sadaka, Raghida C. Uptake and distribution of chrysene in Corbicula fluminea. 1985

Savell, Stacy Jane. Using Landsat TM and a spectroradiometer for lithologic mapping in a portion of eastern Slick Hills, Oklahoma. 1993

Sayre, Kevin R. Study of late Paleocene-Early Eocene calcareous nannofossils and revision of the mid-latitude zonation. 1984

Schildt, Timothy Allen. Paleoecology and paleoenvironment of the Boggy Formation in the Franks Graben. 1981

Schindler, Joseph Bruce. Paleomagnetic fracture orientation of the Frontier Formation deep Green River basin, Wyoming. 1996

Schmidt, Kevin W. Orientation and age of fractures in the Wichita Mountains and Slick Hills of Southwestern Oklahoma. 1992

Seagle, Shirley Mason. Trace metal concentration in two species of freshwater mussels. 1974

Seidel, Emily Kay. Paleomagnetic and geochronological study of parts of the 1.1 Ga Umkondo igneous province in South Africa. 2004

Self, George William, Jr. Correlation between engineering and mineralogical properties of expansive soils at the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Airport. 1971

Sevier, Daniel Scott. Depositional environment and petroleum production, Ul series sands, Pointe a la Hache and Diamond fields, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. 2002

Shannon, Lynn C. Lithofacies and structural features of Middle Pennsylvanian strata in Southwestern Parker County, Texas. 1964

Shelby, Debra Lyn. An occurrence of dolomite in the Lower Ordovician Arbuckle Group in the Slick Hills of southwestern Oklahoma. 1989

Shepard, Timothy Mark. Geology of the Rosillos Mountains, Trans-Pecos Texas. 1982

Shiever, John Wayne. Hydrothermal synthesis and crystallographic measurements of the fayalite-forsterite series. 1967

Shumate, Rebecca Diane. Accuracy assessment of MultiSpec (version 7.9) landcover classification techniques using Landsat TM data. 1999

Sinclair, Richard Hart, Jr. Determination of critical erosion areas within an urban watershed using Landsat TM and the universal soil loss equation. 1987

Singletary, Steven. Geochronology and regional tectonic significance of isolated Proterozoic basement outcrops and drill cores in the Kalahari Desert, Botswana. 1999

Smith, Jason Marvin. A comparative soil erosion study of the Lake Arlington watershed, Texas using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE), remote sensing, and a GIS. 2004

Smith, Stanley Sherman. Parallel fold styles in the Blue Creek Canyon area of the Slick Hills, Southwestern Oklahoma. 1991

Smith, William Mark. Exploration in a mature petroleum province: the updip Wilcox trend in South Texas. 1986

Stephen, Michael Joseph,. Functional approach to the evaluation of outdoor recreation in Yellowstone National Park. 1977

Stephenson, Michael Dale. Mapping and structural analysis of the Southeastern Eastern Slick Hills, Comanche County, Oklahoma. 1990

Steuer, Mark Raymond. Structural and depositional history of Mesozoic allochthonous rocks in the Eastern Garfield Hills, West Central Nevada. 1978

Stevens, Barry Mark. Structural interpretation of the Continental Divide 3-D seismic survey, Sweetwater County, Wyoming. 1999

Stewart, Edwin Mack. Upper Pennsylvanian rugose corals from the Possum Kingdom area of Palo Pinto County, Texas. 1961

Stokely, Martha Elise Lambert. Environmental availability of cadmium from solid combustion residues: fly and bottom ash. 1991

Stone, Joseph Fred. Palynology of the Fort Belknap Coal (Pennsylvanian) of North-Central Texas. 1966

Swindell, Barbara J. Use of Landsat TM and a GIS to study tree canopy effects on micro-urban heat islands in Fort Worth, Texas. 1994

Templeton, Jeffrey Harrison. Submarine volcanism and volcaniclastic sedimentation in a Jurassic island-arc environment: Northern Sierra Nevada, California. 1991

Ten Eyck, John Robert. Characterization and selected trace metal content of organics in wastewater sludges. 1977

Thetford, Paula Rose. Analysis of erosion due to urban development using aerial photography and the universal loss equation. 1982

Thomas, Jimmy Dale. Geology and petroleum geology: Schutts Ranch, Southwest Parker County, Texas. 1993

Tleel, Jack Wadie. Surface geology of Dammam Dome, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. 1972

Trenc, Neven. Remote sensing analysis of terrestrial meteoritic impact craters using Space Shuttle and other sensors. 1997

Trice, David W. Exploration concepts for valley-fill sequences. 1994

Varnell, Richard D. Ground water flow model for the optimization of the ground water supply system, city of White Settlement, Texas. 1996

Vernon, Gail Franklin,. Depositional environment and paleoecologic setting of a cretaceous oyster biostrome. 1973

Viard, James Philip. Description of grain-size distribution curves from the Platte River system. 1977

Vicars, Robert Glenn. Sedimentology of the Upper Harrison formation in the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument area, Northwest Nebraska. 1979

Walters, Matthew Cornell. Fracture analysis of the Bandelier Tuff, Pajarito Plateau, north-central Rio Grande rift, New Mexico. 1996

Walton, Gene David. Merging Landsat TM and Space Shuttle data to remove cloud-cover for geologic mapping in northern Kenya, Africa. 1997

Ward, Christopher Allan. Structural geology and tectonic history of paleozoic rocks in the Sierra de las Monillas, East-Central Chihuahua, Mexico. 1977

Ward, Rosalyn Julia. Isolated bioherms in the Tansill Formation (Guadalupian), Dark Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, southeastern New Mexico. 1988

Watson, Lowell Brent. Petrologic sedimentary analysis of the basal cretaceous of Parker and Hood Counties, Texas. 1961

Way, Paul David. Geographical information system mapping of a rural-urban watershed in North Central Texas using Landsat thematic mapper, population and hydrological data. 2002

Weber, Elizabeth Cantwell. Use of panchromatic spot satellite data to map impervious cover and estimate storm water runoff in an urban watershed. 1992

Wellmeyer, Jessica Lynn. Historic planform change of the Trinity River channel below Livingston Dam, Liberty County, Texas. 2003

Western, Stephen Kent. Interdependence of gravity anomalies with topography in Chihuahua, Mexico, southern New Mexico, and West Texas. 1979

White, William Scott. Analysis of fracture patterns in the Arbuckle anticline and Tishomingo granite regions, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma. 1991

Whittington, Arin L. Remote-sensing study of structural relations between the Pan-African Zambezi and Mozambique orogenic belts in northeastern Zimbabwe and adjacent parts of Mozambique. 1999

Wiberg, Leanne. Hico structure: a possible impact structure in North-Central Texas, USA. 1981

Wilhelm, Steven John. Utilization of Landsat Thematic Mapper for a lithologic and structural analysis of the Slick Hills area, southwestern Oklahoma. 1987

Williams, Christopher Todd. The effect of two recent fires on a Chihuahuan Desert plant community in the vicinity of Panther Junction, Big Bend National Park, Texas. 1995

Williams, Martha,. Geologic and paleomagnetic studies of a Pliocene volcanic debris-avalanche deposit in the northern Sierra Nevada, California. 2003

Winchester, Lori Elizabeth. Application of a geographic information system for inventory and monitoring procedures at the Fort Worth Nature Center, Texas. 1998

Wood, Michael Lee. Geological and geochemical studies of the Rode Ranch pegmatite area, Llano County, Texas. 1965

Yarbrough, Kelcey Gretchen. Analysis of soil erosion from strip mining operation in Fairfield, Texas, utilizing remote sensing. 1982

Yu, Ho-Shing. A study of the bottom sediments of the Trinity River system, Tarrant County, Texas. 1974

Zimmermann, Briann Marie. Karst imprints in the Ellenburger Group and its lateral equivalents: an example from Marble Falls, Burnet County, Texas. 2000

Biology and geology theses before 1960

Before the late 1950's, the Department of Biology and Department of Geology were all one department, the "Department of Biology and Geology." This list includes all known theses written prior to 1960 in either geology or biology.

Alexander, Charles Ivan. A preliminary study of the stratigraphic importance of the ostracoda in the Fredericksburg and Washita formations of North Texas. 1926

Arnold, Lloyd. Cholesterin and its biological significance to the animal organism : including some original chemical and physiological experiments / by Lloyd Arnold. 1919

Atkinson, Catherine. New method of indirect count of red blood cells. 1930

Barber, Thomas David. A geochemical study of phosphates and glauconite found in the eagle ford group of the Cretaceous. 1942

Bennett, Ethel Evans. Stratigraphic and faunal studies of the Grayson formation in North Texas. 1939

Bishop, Bobby A. A stratigraphic study of the Kiamichi formation of the lower cretaceous of Texas. 1957

Bohart, Morris Fielding. Distribution and life histories of the Grypheas of the cretaceous system of Texas. 1927

Bowser, William Franklin. Subsidence of cretaceous rocks at Big Spring, Texas. 1927

Brooks, Anne W. Fresh-water cladocera of North Texas. 1929

Brooks, Jack Alexander. Interfacial tension and its relation to the underground movement of oil. 1940

Carpenter, Margaret. Frondicularia of the upper cretaceous formations in Texas. 1926

Carrell, Charles Howard. The insoluble residues of the Texas cretaceous. 1932

Carrell, Olleon. A restudy of the type localities of the Middle Washita. 1928

Chambers, Leslie A. Features of microscopic anatomy as evolutionary criteria. 1928

Dameron, W. Frank. An investigation of geological correlation by specific gravity. 1950

Dowell, Clifton E. A comparison of the antibiotic resistances of micrococci isolated from hospital patients and those isolated from students. 1957

Dutton, Loraine O. Studies on the intestinal bacteria of the domestic swine. 1921

Forsyth, J. W. Ecology of a sewage filter bed with special reference to psychoda flies. 1937

Glass, David Lawrence (Larry). A structural study of some upper strawn-lower canyon beds near Mineral Wells, Texas. 1958

Greenwood, Eugene. The geology of the Blue Mound area. 1950

Grubbs, Howard. The stratigraphy, sedimentation, and paleontology of the Trinity division between the Brazos and Red Rivers. 1931

Gunn, Frances Ann. A limnological investigation of a fresh-water impoundment in Wise County, Texas. 1953

Hawley, John Blackstock. A preliminary study of the microscopic life in Texas waters. 1926

Hendricks, Leo. Systematic analysis of well samples. 1930

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