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WRIT 20333 Language, Technology, & Society: Tools of the State: Helpful Tutorials & Library Spaces


Library Spaces

TCU Library has several spaces that can help you with your Creation assignment

Fab Lab
he Fab Lab is a digital fabrication laboratory located on the first floor of the TCU Library. As of now the Fab Lab offers multiple 3D printers, a high definition 3D scanner, a large scale plotter, and a laser cutter/engraver.

The GIGA Lab is located on the first floor of the TCU Library. It has 12 computers with greater memory, processing speed, and graphics rendering capacity than standard Information Commons (IC) Lab computers. It also has specialized software that is unavailable in the IC lab. You will have to request permission using the form on the GIGA Lab website to use these computers.

Software on Information Commons Computers
This page provides you with information about the current software on the computers in the computer labs in the Information Commons on the second floor of the TCU Library.

Media Editing Rooms
The Mary Couts Burnett Library offers two media editing rooms, available by reservation only, for audio and video production and editing.



Humanities & Theatre

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