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WRIT 20333 Language, Technology, & Society: Tools of the State: General Research

Research, Information, and Creation

Hello All,

Below are some great places you can do some research, both cursory and in-depth about your technologies. I've include different types of databases--from psychology and communication to business--that will help you think about your technology and its historical origins, its "vibe", and role in society. Following boxes:

I have also included information about our fabrication spaces and media editing rooms for your creative projects.

As always, if you need assistance in the library or the research/topic development of your paper, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ammie E. Harrison

Oxford English Dictionary


Below are only some of our archival databases, which include historical primary documents and newspapers. To locate more databases on TCU LIbrary's website, go to the Database tab, and select either Primary Source or Newspapers under the Browse By Type pull down menu.

The following LibGuides gives great information on U.S. government documents in our collection. This includes databases that have these primary documents as well as the print materials we have in the library.

Core Documents of Our Democracy


These are databases for newspapers and magazines. Some of the newspapers are historical databases.

Search Strategies

AND to look for two terms at the same time: technology AND fitness--will locate resources containing both terms.

OR to search for closely related terms: Gender OR Woman will look for both, but they do not have to be present in the same resource (this gives you more options)

Use * (shift 8) in or at the end of a word that may vary: Instead of woman use wom*n (this will include woman and women) or nation* (which would look up national, nationality, nationhood, and nationalism!).

Quotes when looking for a phrase: "national security" or "body image"

For most databases, start with a simple search, using 2 or 3 terms

"Don't invent the wheel if someone hands you the keys to a Porshe!"--Rely on the subject headings from an indexed article or the bibliography or work cited page from an article or book to find other sources.

Finding Books

Books on technology, language, and society can be located in different sections of the library. Here are some specific search strategies for looking for books and book chapters:

1. Search for "subject words" or "words anywhere"


2. When you get your results, you should use the Refine button to further limit. So if I searched for (technology AND civilization), I may want to refine by using the word humanism


3. If you click Full View Record, you will get all the information about that book: Chapters, summaries, and/or subject headings. The Subject Headings links can lead you to other resources on similar topics.



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