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Media Analysis: Databases and Search Tips

Provides databases and search tips for finding critical theory pertaining to film and media studies .

Seach Tips

Key search tips for all databases

AND: if I search cinema AND war, I will get articles containing both terms (less articles)

OR: if I search men OR masculnie, I will get articles containing either terms (more articles)

*: if I search nation*, I will get articles that have nation, national, nationality, etc in them

Quotation Marks: when searching a phrase search with quotation marks→"genre theory", "national propoganda"


Key search tips for media research

  • When searching always search these terms together: film OR cinema OR "motion pictures".  This will get you the maximum hits because those subject terms are used interchangebl.
  • If you are looking for a particular perspective or method of analysing media, search the main term.  For instance, if you are searching for postcolonial theory, searching postcolonial* will get you postcolonial, postcolonialism, and postcoloniality.  If you are searching for feminist theory searching fem* will get you feminine, femininity, feminism.  This will open your search more.
  • When you search for a particular film, you can use the theory as a second search term.  This limits your search to the results that only pertain to the critical analysis you want.
  • If you want to see what critical analysis have been applied to a particular piece or film, search it by name only.  Everything within the database will appear.  You can use limiters to narrow down the results.


Best Databases

Humanities & Theatre

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