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Indians of North America
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Note: Indigenous peoples includes works on the aboriginal inhabitants either of colonial areas or of modern states where the aboriginal peoples are not in control of the government. General works on the ethnological composition of specific places are entered under Ethnology.

*Note: The Library of Congress Classification System (LC) still uses some outdated terminology to classify Native American topics and issues.

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A Note on Terminology

Please note that some library materials may contain outdated, inaccurate, offensive, derogatory, and/or harmful terminology. This language reflects usage at the time of a document's creation (historical context) as well as controlled vocabularies used to describe particular topics (i.e., the Library of Congress Classification Scheme as it is used to catalogue Indigenous materials).

Materials on First Nations and Indigenous topics can be challenging to locate because Indigenous Peoples, places, and ways of knowing may be identified by more than one name, variant spellings, as well as colonially imposed names.
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