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Van Cliburn International Piano Competitions: a Guide: The Cliburn Competitions

The Van Cliburn Competitions

In 1991 the Cliburn Foundation placed an array of print materials and audiovisual recordings in the TCU Library.  For information about the collection, please go to the Cliburn Archive web page.  This guide is designed to highlight aspects of the Cliburn competitions, archive holdings, upcoming or past events, and links to some resources available on the internet.  A web exhibit is also available: "In the Beginning: the First Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, 1962." Also of interest: the NBC-5 / WBAP Archives via the Portal to Texas History.
Professional competitions


The Cliburn: 50 Years of Gold (watch online)

History of the Cliburn Piano Competition

Past competition statistics through 2005 ; 2009 ; 2013

Competition program books; Cliburn News

Cliburn Foundation websites through time

Naxos Music Library sound recordings (TCU community)


Amateur competitions

Junior competitions


Videos online: 2009 ; 2013 ; 2017 ; Vimeo

Purchase recordings:

Audio streaming and CD albums (Amazon)

Instant Encore: listen and/or purchase online

eClassical (downloads)
The Cliburn Shop (CDs, DVDs)

  Composer competitions: 2001, 2005, 2009          Above:  image from an article featuring the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition, Rock Island Argus, circa May 30, 1981 (full image)

Defining images: art and logos

1997 commissioned art, Sean Scully   2001, Music World, Tom Phillips   2005, Concert, Sir Howard Hodgkin   2009, Treble Clefs,  Ivan Chermayeff

Defining images: art and logos


TOP: piano images by Paul Lazzaro and Associates for the 1993 cover of Cliburn News.

ABOVE LEFT: original logo of the Van Cliburn Competition as presented on the cover of the 1962 application brochure (click image to enlarge).

ABOVE RIGHT: early 1962 logo used for the application mailing envelope, with red background added (click to see original envelope).


Laura J. Ruede, MLS
Van Cliburn Archivist
Mary Couts Burnett Library
Texas Christian University
Telephone:  817-257-7774